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How Many Hearing Aid Channels or Bands Do You Need?

It all depends on your hearing loss and your lifestyle!


Think of the keys on a piano; if you divide the keys in half, you have a two channel hearing, the lows and the highs (like the bass and treble control in you car stereo). Typically, the more hearing aid channels there are, the more expensive they get! But the more channels there are, the more control the professional has and therefore the clearer the hearing aids should sound.


If you have a hearing loss that is “flat” then you can probably benefit from a basic, less expensive hearing aid. If you have a hearing loss that fluctuates form frequecy to frequency then it might be in your best interrest to get something more advanced.


Another thing to consider is your lifestyle! Are you active socially, working, retired? If you live a basic lifestyle, you can probaly benefit from a basic hearing aid and most likely don’t need all the “bells & whistles” as someone with an active or busy lifestyle such as a CEO of a company.

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