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Earwax or Cerumen

Plugged ears? Have a professional look into your ears, do not try to clean your ears yourself! Why? You can’t see what you’re doing, you might push the wax deeper in your ear canal. You might also go to deep and…

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What? Signs of Hearing Loss

Being a Hearing Instrument Specialist and performing hearing tests as a professional, you get to see many different results but a lot of patients and their significant others often complain about;   The TV being too loud   Not hearing the doorbell…

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Types of Hearing Loss

There are three different types of hearing loss; sensorinueral, conductive or mixed.   Sensorineural: When hair cells inside the cochlea die. The cochlea is attached to the nerve of hearing which communicates to your brain.   Conductive: When something mechanical doesn’t work in…

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What to Expect

Some patients are in denial, they don’t believe they have a hearing loss because  it doesn’t afftect their lifestyle and they don’t know what they’re missing. Many patients thank me at the two week follow up, they now realize what they haven’t heard…

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